Everything Made Obsolete

by Heritage Unit

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recorded December of 2015 and January of 2016 at Bright Lights by Rollie Ulug
mixed and mastered by Rollie Ulug

Erica Schultz's vocals are featured on "true scotsman"
Marcel Bonafe's vocals are featured on "ew, no offense"

album cover taken by Omar Romero at the CHE Cafe in La Jolla, California February 2016

this is our first release as heritage unit, thank you


released May 27, 1994



all rights reserved


Heritage Unit California

mark, omar, randall and taylor want to bang on things and make boom boom sound.

contact: invertebrat@gmail.com

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Track Name: you don't deserve my passion

buddy, buddy
you're the 'stang, wear that ring
you're the 'stang, wear that ring
you're the 'stang, don't ever change

try to relate
try to relate
nod your head
smash your brain

there's no sky, there's no color

walk through the park, made of meat
walk through the park, holding your hands
height at your waist
the same place you last bled

walk through the park, holding your hands

counting cracks - in the road
in the corner - left to dry
business - as usual
business - is good
hurt - wounded
left to dry


i remember when i relaxed myself and i took off the muzzle
my own body had become a prison
i let myself feel it all it was frantic
all i wanted was a break. oh my god, oh my god
i was 100 pounds then and i couldnt eat and i was scared
help me
Track Name: zero equals pedestal

in my blood, and in my eyes
in the face you make at me
in my blood, and in my eyes
in the wrists turned up towards the ceiling
lay on my back
my angel dies

my end tie, a substantial lie

arriving at your...
it's time to play the part
without light, without name
i crawl towards


why did i stay?
what did i lack?
its the last time that ill try
please can’t you stay
and watch me beg
your love couldn’t be dragged face down in mud and survive
Track Name: this is not a door

60 hours later

never thought that i would say to your face
never thought i would ever be in this place
where did it go
60 hours later and i'm fine
i can relax now
hard times tend to
hide this remedy

take a breath - spit in your mouth
perfect timing - you can relax now

now a housefly
lands nearby
how sweet he looks now at me

there is always "what is that"
everything made obsolete
it's still real to me


do you remember when i asked for help
do you remember “i cant just stop my life for you”
I’m lucky someone took me in
it took too long for an apology
when people say things like that to me
i think that’s fine just don’t
let yourself near me again (i was still awake)
Track Name: piss angel bathroom magic

break down the cycle of repeat
we want the same things but can't relate
cancel your plans to paint the town green
we want the same things - hot and ready
until it's time to head home
take what you can carry
when it's time to head home
sing dead hymns to dead babies

we want the same things but cannot relate
we want the same things hot and ready

my doubting sense of purpose
withers like flowers
my confidence betrayed

something's asking
something's missing
going on empty
entirely missing


we'll see each other when we're sick
and suffer knowing that it's worse
to watch someone you love
suffer than to suffer yourself.
burst my veins
draw marrow
drip chemo
3000 miles, one hopeful stop
i’ve gone to waste, glad you’re here to watch
Track Name: don't hesitate

laughing to myself
taking the train on friday evening
tell myself it's just this once
laughing to myself
taking the train on friday evening
tell myself it's not that bad, if i...

it's always. some magic
that keeps me coming back to...
my lips are, cracked and broken

don't hesitate
no one got to where they could without half begging

if they could - begging boy
warms the hearts - of the crowd

story - to be continued
your begging boy - looks on

ha-ha-ha begging boy
hands up, do a dance
clap your hands, clap your hands
do a dance

is this sorta what you wanted


you left me cracked and broken
the mess you left me in felt like a
natural disaster naturally ruining rebuilt ruins
im better now
i hope you’re too
next time we cross
i hope that i forget your name
don’t think about me
don’t come back looking
don’t write me letters
i can’t believe you
its not what i had in mind
Track Name: true scotsman

leave, no, trace we were here - only bound to time
choose to gag the witness, cover up the crime

choose to gag yourself - you choke

leave no trace, no prints or bread crumbs
and that's our only option
of a decent escape
starts to draw distance from further away
it's the only option
oh great, a sunday evening re-run
remember - sleeping on the couch
nothing's touched it since

lie awake the day goes by
a film in black and white
the same occurring dream
- the same faces

soft in my own world
i think of what tomorrow brings
and hope everything will be okay


i didn’t watch people sway or limbs fly
they seemed to wait for a train
“i still have no idea who i fucking am”
please remember your words as they thundered out my throat
and the way my body buckled at the force of your embrace
(met that summer, not just a tiny victory)
i love you chris
Track Name: shroomer's rumor

sound the alarm
there's a group of eight
group of eight - outside
kill on sight
can't you read, man?
sound the alarm
and get the fuck off my beach
it always ends in heartbreak
it always ends up ending me
i'm trying my best to stay strong
and with all of you here, i am


shallow hole, up to my neck,
just enough dirt, dirt surrounding.
a miserable lullaby
i have heard my share
oh my god, i love when it finds me. i love how it haunts me.
Track Name: ew, no offense

falling away from your receiving eye, your receiving eye
your pale instruction, i don't recognize

nothing happens, standing still for...
a chance to be given

row out to sea
out to any certain misfortune
row out to sea
out to any brave misfortune

smile a bit, bite your lip
cure the curse, to make it worse

deserve what you earn

nothing happens, standing still for a chance
theyre starting to recognize nothing happens


rewind, stop
all these things that you say have resonance
this is what happens when we alienate our own friends
we leave ourselves at dead ends
this isn’t over
you can’t just run
don’t try to save face
we’ve all had enough

you need a mirror now
its so sick seeing you
use your anger against others
you’ve become just like the
world that was once ugly to you
day by day, what you say
slowly pushes us away
hope it keeps you
wide awake at night