enjoy moving on

by Heritage Unit

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released July 9, 2017

mark chen - bass guitar, vocals, piano on "taylude"
omar romero - guitar, vocals
randall avilez - guitar, vocals
taylor jewell - drums, vocals, guitar on "annoying river" and "taylude"
marcel bonafe of left astray - vocals on "paul fischer"
sample on "taylude" - stephen steinbrink covering two arthur russell songs put together in a sound sculpture in costa mesa, california



all rights reserved


Heritage Unit California

mark, omar, randall and taylor want to bang on things and make boom boom sound.

contact: invertebrat@gmail.com

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Track Name: annoying river

I heard today that you died
I'm beside myself
and now you’re gone
(I never told you your experience was special)
good enough to write it down
no one else could have told it best
I just wish that I could’ve picked up on your warning signs
I can see you now
riding on your bike
wearing your bear suit
camera on your arm




it's never enough
the time you spent with them
and once they’re gone
it gives us skewed perspective
it embitters memories
it preys upon your fear
that there were times left better spent
Track Name: xxxxxxx

I used to let it slip by
Words and phrases you used to use
With me, with friends
Used to laugh it off, used to
What did you say, say it again?
Only fit to push a mower, right? I’m just “some spic”.
Why would you say that? How could you say that to your friend?
I think we deserve more respect than that
No, I’m not one of the good ones.
Won’t laugh at your jokes. Fuck your jokes
Track Name: paul fischer

Take them out when I drink
Those shards still fixed in me
Pokes the back of my throat
Tickles when I breathe

the memory/knife is in the back of the bottom drawer
all the way back in the bottom drawer

take me away from memory, pull it through the ear
don't care if I bleed
Track Name: melting point

I hope you don’t mind
If we sit and talk
I know I put a lot on you
I'm always needing someone
to make me feel safe
Sorry, but this’ll happen
Time and time and time again.
It gets hard to breathe
Hard not to collapse into myself
Reaching for a hand in the dark
Just to find a guide
An impulse to make me feel safe
I don’t know why
I just can’t find the strength
I don’t know why
I just can’t heal.

taylor: nothing left to breathe to yr dismay, not that you'd feel it
Track Name: silk worm gut

i scratched the insides of my thighs
until the pigment scarred away
the deepest part where my skin can hide
somewhere you’ll never ever see
a paler complexion left behind
what if i kept going until i made myself less threatening, suspicious, dirty?
why hide my color in a crowd?
so much time spent wondering
how to stay invisible
how to find a place for me
just wish i was brown enough (i'm stuck between)
why hide my color?
skin that taunts you
skin that hates you
skin that haunts you
skin like worm guts
Track Name: molkin talp '99

I’m different in it, skimp details but it’s still me.
Keep the scars so it looks real
Try to imagine what you’d say, what draws your eyes
You study my landscape.
My body is porous conglomerate - holds water, breaks easy & often
My body is shale & sandstone - dig deep to well its worth
I made a map ofmy scars and warts - the pieces i’ve cut away
I am a stone clastic and coarse grained
I was formed for this world
I am not afraid of my body - I hope you feel the same about yours
I won't let fear take anything away
Track Name: taylude
"finally learning to be by myself
and i'm hoping for you to return
maybe then i think that i'll go out the door
and sit looking for you at the seashore
I'll be outside until you come back"
Track Name: a black wind

each time im in that valley, i relate to actions that i find desperate otherwise
i don’t see the things i love in front of me
they don’t matter when i’m there, things dissolve around me
i’ve been ending each conversation with “sorry if it happens”
can’t trust that i won’t
it’s as simple as an itch to me
it’s familiar
it’s insignificant
it’s relief
i try to hold on